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I saved a snail's little life today! :3 *is smug* It was stuck between my window and the shutter... Poor thing. Now it's strolling at a bushy flowerpot at the veranda. Maybe it thinks it's gone to snail heaven, because that flowerpot is really nice.

Well, small snail, big act of heroism! :3
Santiago: Doughnut?

Meme! :D

Ok, I decided to do this, because I haven’t written anything for too long! :P Tagged by tattooedraven!

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It was rather upseting, yesterday's news... When I first heard that Heath Ledger was dead I thought my friend was misinformed or something... Turns out she wasn't. It is a real shame, is all I have to say. To be so young and talended and have such a bright future ahead and go like this. I really liked him as an actor and as a man. It turns out that I had seen many of his movies and I hadn't realized that. It's a pity he won't offer more to the world of cinema. I feel bad for his family and for all the people who really liked him. 28 is simply too soon. :(

Santiago: Doughnut?


Have you seen one of these movies that show scenes from a year change? Like, let’s say, an office party, or a New-Year’s-Eve happening in some central square. There’s booze, there’s a lot of people, there’s music, there’s a clock, there’s a countdown and when the year changes there’s some –happy, generally- disorder, noise, fireworks… Erm, you get the picture, right? Well, this was what I had in mind when we arranged something for outdoors this year. We’d go to Thessaloniki’s most central square and see the stuff that other times we’d see on TV, because every single year there’s some sort of happening and the television transmits it. So yes, I’d always been at home for the year change, but this time we decided with my friends to go out for a change.

Well, it was't what I'd imagined. :(

Nothing was arranged this year. There was a great crowd that, like us, had gathered there expecting who knows what, but got nothing after all. There was a huge Christmas tree of course, and the traditional gloriously-lit ship, and 6 (!) fireworks when the year finally changed, but there was no countdown (we had to check our cell phones for the time and when it did change we kept looking around awkwardly because that was what everybody else did and in the end we started shouting and kissing and laughing by ourselves, 10 people in a filled square of hundreds of people who were blinking, waiting for *somebody* to tell them that 2008 is here and it’s ok to start partying now…!) o__o Of course, it wasn’t an utter disaster because we’d already enjoyed a niiiiiice dinner in a German restaurant and the bar where we went after the year change was nice, but… I was disappointed because I expected too much and got too little. But everybody agreed that nothing was arranged this year and we can’t figure out why…!


Today we went to see this “Golden Compass” movie that had Daniel Craig in it (we love him, riiiiight?) but the movie itself was sooo boring. I wanted to leave after the first half an hour, but it seemed that my friends enjoyed it a lot, so I sat there not having somebody to make fun of the movie with… Darn!

Last year I’d made some New-year resolutions. I remembered that when I saw the change_2008 featured community. I went there to read other people’s resolutions and realized 2 things. First, that there are some classics that nearly *everybody* mentions, *every* year (lose weight, do better at school, save money and get a boyfriend) Second, I can’t even be original enough to throw those out of my own resolutions list. -__- So, no resolutions for me this year!

It almost seems unnatural after all this nagging, but I do have high hopes for the New Year. I hope it's a good year for me and I hope it's a good year for you and your friends and your loved ones and... generally everybody. Happy New Year everybody! And if the New Year doesn’t bring all the boyfriends and savings and great homework in your plate, grab them yourselves! :)

Happy New year everybody!
Santiago: Doughnut?


Merry Christmas dear friends! And Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate Christmas! ^_^
*big hug*
Santiago: Doughnut?

Deathly Hallows

It was awesome! I looooooooooooooved it! :D I wonder why some people didn’t like it. Finished reading it about an hour ago and I’m still replaying the scenes in my mind!

(Spoiler for people who haven't read it yet. Although I think I was the last one... -__-)

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