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I'm actually reading the Half Blood Prince!


I started 2 days ago, between breaks and I'm done with half of it so far. Isn't it cool? I've read books 1 and 2 in the past, but now I want to read the Half Blood Prince and then the Deathly Hollows, before people spoil me too much aaaand then I'll read 3,4 &5! The reason I'm not starting where I stopped is because Ive seen the movies, but that doesn't mean I won't be reading the books. I've come to like them a lot.

Sounds like a plan! But won't be done with until Easter, I suspect. I still have loads of other books to read, after all! For instance "the Prestige" and the "Underworld" books. ;)
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El Greco

We went to the movies today to see El Greco. It got an 8/10 rating on IMDB, but I don’t think it’s that good; it was a very boring and slow movie, as Greek movies usually are. Greek directors, in general, try to appear artistic and sophisticated and so they fail to make movies that the audience will actually like. I think that when it comes to film making, Greece has failed horribly in producing something worth viewing. -__-

So, anyway, back to the movie. Nachos were good! ^_^ In fact, they were better than the movie itself. The only interesting part about the movie was it’s… erm, slashyness. You see, there was this young Spanish catholic priest, Niño de Guevara, who fancies El Greco like whoa. Aaaaand said priest later on becomes an Inquisitor and… -kitten, have you passed out yet? :D- anyway, they’re not doing it, or anything, but there’s this perverted, one sided, hidden want that- once again- is the only interesting thing that this movie has to offer. That and a couple of more scenes.

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New art.

So, I got back to work, with “work” being the drawing. I haven’t drawn properly for so long that I decided today to actually draw and not use a tablet. I got my ink and my colored pencils and finished a piece of art that I’ve owed forever to fragmentally. It’s an Original Character of hers, I believe, Ryler Wakefield. I drew it with two different black ink markers and 6 different colored pencils. And that was what one might call useless information! :P Anyway, the picture shows a pretty boy touching himself, but there’s no frontal nudity, so I’m giving it a PG 13 rating. Enjoy!

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Bloody, salty, disgusting Queen of England...

I went out for a drink yesterday and I finally tried that “Bloody Mary” cocktail. Oh God, it was the cocktail from hell! I only took one tiny sip and I wanted to spit it. Did you know they add salt to that thing? It was like drinking sea water with tomato sauce. So I ended up with a daiquiri instead. Classic choice. I don’t know why, but every time I want to try something knew, it ends up a complete failure. Bloody Mary is only good to add as a… burger sauce or something. Yuck! Ok, the thing is that I like sweet or sour drinks, so I totally didn’t expect that salt-assault.

Have I mentioned how much I love making lists (but always fail to keep them?) To-do lists, to-buy lists, to-read lists… The problem with me isn’t that I’m not organized. It’s that I cannot keep up with my plans. :/ I need to have someone constantly nudging me to do things, because, if I leave it up to me, I get bored sooo easily.

This week however is going to be very busy for me and I'd better keep the to do list for once. It mainly includes studying for two tests, which is my top priority. Today we’re going to the movies, to see Zodiac *tiny squee* and do a mass release of books via Bookcrossing. And I have a bachelorette on the 27th, which will include dining out to a weird Sex-restaurant (don’t ask…) and then going to a Karaoke club. I hope nobody forces me to sing! .__. And by the 25th, probably, I have to draw a little chibi bride because we want to surprise the bride with some custom made gifts and cards and the girl who organizes the whole thing wanted something to print on all these things.

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First millennium done!

Judging by the rate I update lately, it is a miracle that my entries are now above one thousand! Yes, how cool is that? Actually I noticed two days ago that my entries were 1000 and I thought about writing something about it in my LJ, but the moment I’d update, my entries would be 1001… And that’s a HUGE problem. :P

Yesterday was a special day for another reason… My friend Marios and I were interviewed by a magazine journalist about our comics work. I had never been interviewed before, so I was very anxious – plus it was a bit ridiculous, because it’s not like we’re so active in the comics making thing anymore- but it turned out to be quite fun. The girl who’s writing the article had also a photographer with her, who apparently wanted to make sure that both I and Marios would never forget this encounter. So 5 minutes later we were standing in the middle of Nauarinou Street, a very busy place with lots of students and cafes around, Marios was wearing a big paper bag on his head and I was drawing faces on it! xD All this was inspired by a little sketch that I’d already drawn, before the interview, because the interviewer had asked us to create something for the interview. So I made this because I was too bored to draw faces.

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Ah, aren’t you all lucky? Knowing a real celebrity! ;) Next step is to meet Paris Hilton in person. *nods*